Just keep breathing

and don't stop walking

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'Cause you know 'hey, it's okay' is my favorite rhyme,
and if I had it my way, everything would be just fine

To be short and to the point (which I almost never am), this journal is locked. I don't mind talking to people or making new friends - however, I don't really like friending strangers. If we've talked in a community, that's one thing, but otherwise, leave a comment in the top post of my journal saying something, then we can get to know each other. It's that simple. I also won't mind if, for any reason, you unfriend me.


Okay. Now...

My writing journal is likeastorybook and my twitter can be found here

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My Unbelievable Friends

The SRB to my Cassie Clare/The Flair to my Skylar
The Percy to my Rachel
The Glitch to my DG
The Rose Tyler to my Martha Jones
The Heart to my Beat
The Hermione to my Luna Ginny
The Hermione to my Luna
The Fred to my George
The Cheerleader to my Writing

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